NextBigThing: I call them #Earines !!

NextBigThing: I call them #Earines !!

Everyone likes to be informed. Informed 24/7 !! updated with Quality, Curated and Customized information. That too 24/7 !!

Saves time; isnt it?

I have an Idea : Instead of going after the wearable Google Glasses and similars, why not an earine !! What’s an earine? You guessed it right !! It’s a plugin companion to one of your 5 senses : #Hearing.

Let me imagine what it can do :

1) At your regular SuperMarket for groceries? : It will list out the offers/ your monthly usual purchase items, to make it easy to pick all that is necessary. Mines your purchase behavior(may even take notes from what you thought in ur mind that you need to purchase on the next trip : I need to buy Milk tomorrow !!)

2) On road? : It guides you with live traffic and in fact interacts as you go !!

3) Need help? : Ask on the phone. Receive the response delivered to the ear. Simplified !! Is’nt it?

4) Can it be You? : Yup. It can be an active listener in all you do. All day !! It uses this information to your advantage. It Listens !! #Analytics # DataMining

and it can do lot more…

Welcome to the #TechEnabled world !!

What about Privacy? : You are in Control. You wish to turn it On/Off? Do it at the click, on ur mobile.

Lot more can be made possible !! why don’t you leave ur value addition to this idea? Welcome to the world or #Earines !! or whatever they  are best called as…

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