BLOG Post : Excellence is an Attitude

BLOG Post : Excellence is an Attitude

Yes, Excellence is an attitude towards a Problem; in fact, Every Problem !!

Just so we validate, let’s take this example : Why is IHS Dubai relocating students?

Happened to see this  on 20/03/2019 in Gulf News. Went through it as the headline was curious enough. The key takeaways from the article are as follows :

There was a problem : The school was short of 22 Classrooms.

Opportunity : They had a sister institution which had spare capacity.

Dilemma : Should they move certain classes for the duration of the renovation? The Parents of those children might feel aggrieved that their children had to suffer because of the “Extra” travel time and other related inconveniences.

Only someone with the right attitude to solve the problem while keeping the stakeholders happy might have come up with this solution : A schedule that ensures no student will have to travel to the other branch for more than a calendar month which means maximum 22 days. Students from Grades 5-10 would be participating in the plan and the rest of the planning also smells : Excellence & Problem Solving Mindset.

It’s to be noted : Every Problem has a Solution; if only the mindset is right !!

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