The sight of the penguin 1) making circles 2) making one attempt to get in & failing 3) making one more calibrated attempt to land to safety. To me, this is #LifeCHANGING !!

With the Orca Whales on the back to make you a snack, one needs a lot to make it to safety : Character/ Determination/ Fearlessness & more…

It made me think : Do we all humans demonstrated the same grit & determination to rise above all odds, in all; circumstances, put in a fight till the last moment; or the last fraction of second.

Credit : Shot November 29th, 2019 in the Gerlache Straight by both Matthew Karsten (@Expert Vagabond​) & Anna Karsten (@Anna Everywhere​)

Thought it seems to have become popular/viral now, the message remains to be : Timeless !!

I am sure every child(& Adult) who sees this video will make note of the lesson this cute little penguin taught us. I will remember it for a lifetime.

Happy Penguin. Better luck next time Orka Whales !!

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Matthew Karsten (@Expert Vagabond​) & Anna Karsten (@Anna Everywhere​)