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Google Fluidity
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Post Date: 26 Aug 2019 || Experienced it Once again !!

A routine “Fast(i mean really fast)” payment via G Pay did not go through. No, it was not due to Google app error. The Bank probably had a service downtime. I had two options in front of me : 1) Try after sometime [ that most of us do…may be 70-80% ] 2) Make it Happen [ the determined usually find a way out, for every problem/difficult situation ] not because they have superpowers; more so because they ONLY live with a Solution Mindset.

I preferred the Option 2. Gave a thought. Yes, i can add a second bank & the option was visible to my eye on the App screen(been a user of the app for 8 months+ now…never noticed it). With the kind of experiences that i have with the brand(trust is natural), i chose to go ahead and add another of my bank account. It probably also played on my mind that performing any activity on Google inherently is efficient, fast & simple (“simple” being a highly sought after attribute) !! Even as recent as last week, i had experienced banking processes, where the OTP was sent while the customer is in the middle of the call and the user is supposed to acknowledge the OTP (received via SMS), enter it on the keypad to proceed. How much ever important it may be to validate the user, there are other banking institutions which make it a simple process, while not compromising on the “Customer Verification“. “Think like the Customer” happens to be the best way to decide which process to adopt.

Coming back to the GPay Bank account addition, as soon as i selected the bank name from the popular ones listed on the screen, it prompted me if the mobile number registered on my G Pay is same as that of the Bank account and it retrieved the Bank account number for me [ Please note, i did not have to enter a single digit…not a single digit ]. Once i acknowledged as “Yes”, it was all highway…the app sent a connection request to HDFC Bank and a OTP was received on the phone to establish the connection with the bank, google auto-filled the OTP on the screen and Bingo !!

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The account is connected and i am ready to complete the transaction. It all took 2-3 taps from me on the screen and under 2 min to have another bank account linked to G Pay [ For such efficiency & ease, people don’t mind paying a premium. You & I too will, as we today value our time more than money ]

How many Apps are there which can boast of a such TAT(Turn Around Time) to perform a similar task? Would love to know and experience them too. I am yet to see one.

These positive attributes : Efficiency, Ease of Usage , Speed, Availability & Reliability that Google bundles into all of their applications sets them apart from the rest of the league. Not surprising that they are in Top 3 in almost all of the areas they work upon : Google Search / Google Ads / Gmail (another piece of FREE Brilliance. Don’t ask me how Microsoft Outlook matches up)/ Google Reviews & now also getting into Hotel Bookings & Airline Bookings.

Couldn’t stop myself from taking time out to share this fabulous experience… [ topping up on the very many similar touch-points in the last few weeks, months & years ] Great going Google !! Kudos…

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