Excellence !! At what Cost??

Excellence !! At what Cost??
Djokovic Outburst on Court

💫🥊KARMAnews : it never misses a date that you setup >> Should the pursuit for Excellence cost one a soul, values & character?

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ >> Novak Djokovic was then nonchalant four years back in his response to the reporter. “You guys are unbelievable,” he observed.
The journalist pressed further and queried if he was not concerned about his mindset. “So I’m the only player that shows his frustration on the court? That’s what you want to say, I’m the only player that is showing that?” Djokovic countered.
2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ >> disqualified from the 2020 US after hitting a ball in frustration that then struck a line judge in the throat

Excellence is secondary to Values & Character !! People forget wins; they don’t forget compromises on values & one’s character. To me, the easiest way to measure/decide is : Is this something that i can share/show to my children as a GOOD example❓

Whether one does, or many does, or all does, what is INCORRECT remains INCORRECT !!
A Million GOOD deeds do not correct one BAD deed…Isn’t it❓

Was the Journalist query in 2016 a gentle ALERT(from Divine Universe) to Djokovic to pay attention to #frustration❓❓
On 7 Sep 2020 Djokovic was genuinely concerned about what happened. Could he not have avoided it❓❓
Is a WIN at all cost EVERYTHING❓

Full Article Here : the world No.1’s disqualification from the 2020 US Open

⏳Times will pass. Wins will be forgotten. ✨Goodness/Kindness/Compassion & Grace Lives on to inspire Generations to come…Can we be One?

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