#TeamWork : Is there an alternative??

#TeamWork : Is there an alternative??

[ Article from Linkedin Timeline : Dated > Jan 2017 ]

This One Experience gave me a Clear Answer !! Would you dare to differ?? Hmmm…Read On to Agree/Disagree !!

Let’s stitch some pictures with “necessary detail”. Pictures are a more attractive way to experience !!

Event : Republic Day Venue : #ITCGrandChola Time : 7:00 a.m(approx.)

The Cultural Show started to unfold. The 3 gentlemen opened the event with lovely : Nadaswaram + Traditional drums (I guess that’s what it is called)

Rightafter, the beautiful Peacock mesmerized the crowd with it’s skills : Dance, Garlanding the Hotel Manager & even enjoying a bottle of soft beverage just with the Beak. The crowd by now were thoroughly enjoying the show.

As this attraction came to end, the stage was handed over to a lovely couple performance by a lady & gentleman dressed in beautiful animal artwork & props.

The gentleman went on to demonstrate he skills with : Breaking a coconut & even chopping some vegetable while being : Hold your breath : Blindfolded !!

As we were wondering if the show was to come to an end(after such energetic performance), this handsomely dressed couple impressed the crowd with the traditional move as some more skill show.

These support staff(seen above) play a small, but significant role : whether it is placing the accessories to facilitate the performance display or just carrying the vegetable that is being chopped or the coconut that is being smashed !! Someone has to facilitate,support and do the backstage prep.

The performance went on to allow the audience to add their energy level and gave chance to the audience to shake a leg and ended with a Mega Group Photo session

All of this : High Decibel Performance, Audience Appreciation(no less than Standing Ovation) & Fireworks was made possible by One Virtue : #TeamWork !!

Stellar Solo Performances are possible, but such All-Round Performance can only be the outcome of : Phenomenal TeamWork.

Truth be told, even a phenomenal Solo Performance has a Team behind it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Long live #TeamWork// Long live Mankind !! We are happier being a #TEAM !!

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