Customer Delight : New Benchmark >> Google

Customer Delight : New Benchmark >> Google
Google Ads Customer Service is WOW

This topic is one of the most spoken about, yet, left with so much more to talk and work upon. Term “Customer Service” gave way to words like “Customer Delight“, “Customer WOW“, “Customer Excellence” & so on. The words transformed; overall experience didn’t. There are many reasons & root causes for it.

As customers, we often end up on the receiving end of “Incomplete Resolutions“, “Inadequate Customer Care” & “Disappointing Experiences“. My recent experience at a Supermarket is one such example : The Store Manager’s response to me pointing out that they are not proactively bundling the goodies(FREE 2Kg Sugar for Bill values above AED100) was : Not me !!/ You have to ASK / Ask the Cashier, not me !!This was after the cashier directed me to speak to him regarding the missing 2KG sweetness. A forgettable experience and a Brand Reputation LOSS. The worst part, the POOR experience was not captured by the Brand. The Leadership has NO Idea that their valued customers are not being treated as per their declared commitment : Customer Delight !! The well intended OFFER was indeed a wasted effort. Enough of Negativity.

I would rather spend more time & energy on Positivity. Presenting : The Google AdsCustomer Care Experience !! I happened to create my first Responsive Display AD. It was to promote my favorite Social Cause Brand : SOS Children’s Villages, India . Unfortunately, the AD got rejected. I couldn’t make out what the root cause was as it just said “Misrepresentation”. Reluctantly, i decided to reach-out to them. I wasn’t sure if i can get them on a call, so opted for Chat on their help page.

Metric 1: I was identified as the 1st person in Line(availability/min wait time). After a min or two, there was a chat window and a lady(Indian origin name) offered a warm greeting and inquired how she can help. Metric 2: She sought my Ad Account id & registered email address. Just two pieces of data. I shared the same as i can see both on top right side of my Ad Account(ease of availability). Metric 3 : She promptly identified that my query was about a “Rejected AD” and informed me that she would be transferring the query to Customer Care team. In exactly under 1 min, i had a gentleman assisting me. I shared the concern. He sought 2 min to get it checked. While i was waiting, he encouraged me to carry on with my work on other tabs and that he would ping me on return with a Tab Alert. Glad to see someone valuing your time !!

Metric 4 : He returned in exactly 2 min and informed me that the respective team needs more time and that he would get back to me “On Call”. In fact both the agents proactively took the contact number right at the beginning; just in case the chat window gets disconnected for any technical reason.

How often have you been assured of a call back in case the chat/call conversation gets interrupted or disconnected??. NEVER happened with me; even with the Best of the Brands in Customer Care : American Express/ HDFC Bank etc…

The same gentleman called me back in under and hour(He called me on my contact number in Dubai, as i said i would prefer to be contacted on a Dubai number instead of a India number). The AD was cleared and was ready to be released !!

A Customer Feedback option was given. I was now eager share the Feedback(could feel the rush within, to share this high quality positive experience) about this “Benchmark experience”. Just 4 pre-recorded questions on : Was the resolution satisfactory / How many times i had to call / Overall experience & one other question. They indeed had a verbal feedback option also available at the end. Voice Analytics?? I did share ” One of the Best Customer Delight experience i had in recent years. Speed, Care & Excellence. Kudos to Google !!”. It truly made my day 🙂

Customer Delight : New Benchmark >> GoogleIf YOU have received such Fabulous Service from a brand, please share in the comments. Would love to know the brands that are keeping the #CustomerFirst flag flying HIGH. If you want to share the brand names who would benefit from replicating this kind of “Customer Resolution Journey”, you are welcome. To me, as a trainer, i got hold of “Real Experience” example for : How to Delight your Customer. Goodtimes 🙂

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