Horwath India Hotel Market Review: H1 2019

Horwath India Hotel Market Review: H1 2019
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Post Date: 19 Sep 2019 || Takeaways : 1 > Chandigarh👍winner on all fronts 2 > Q2 BAD on Occupancy and ruined the momentum of Q1 3 > Ahmedabad & Goa in same order…a painful story 4 > Is Goa performance a reflection of the economy?? just a thought…

What’s ur opinion?? !! || Also, 4 of the cities drove ADRs higher, inspite of loosing on Occupancy…Hotels overtly positive that ADRs Will/MUST increase??? it’s paid off for Mumbai though…even if by just 1%

My View : Uncertainty High !! Offering additional value & if need be softening the ADR could drive loyalty 🙂 Next report would be interesting… Read On : http://bit.ly/IndiaHotelReviewH12019 / https://horwathhtl.asia/

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