Where there is Will, there’s a HIGHWAY !!

Where there is Will, there’s a HIGHWAY !!
PC Musthafa_iD Foods

Post Date : 23 Jan 2020 // Takeaway :  Giving is not always about doing it in Literal sense. The narrative that you are going to read, has “The Art of Giving” from a Father to a Son, A Friend to another Friend & one Good Human being to another Human being…I promise, you will remember this for a Lifetime…Read On !!

This lifestory of PC Musthafa (Founder – iD Fresh Food) founded in 2005, details the timeline from his childhood till today. The best part is you get to experience all the qualities of life and situations that define us, in one place…enjoyyyy…

[ Featured in Outlook Business Magazine as a 3 Part Series ] https://www.outlookbusiness.com/specials/secret-diary_2019/pc-musthafa-family-education-and-career-secret-diary-part-1-5437

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