BLOG : Revenue per Sqft | Humanity per SqKm

BLOG : Revenue per Sqft | Humanity per SqKm
Padma Shri Awardees 2020

Blog Article : What determines mankind’s success? It’s different for different people. For some, it is Titles/ for some, Bank Balance/ and for some, Tangible possessions/ and for a few, Inner peace and joy.

Among all these, what is “The Ideal”? In particular, For the Human race !!

The Capitalism seeks to maximize stakeholder wealth. Fast & Quick. In the rush to beat the Benchmark and be the Benchmark, several wrongs are becoming right. It’s all about Revenue per Sqft & Return on Investment : Only in Dollars$$$ !! Every next generation is becoming less sensitive to the “Human” qualities : Sharing / Caring / Giving / Living etc.

Can we bestow as much importance to “Humanity per SqKm” as we do to “Revenue per Sqft”. Is it difficult?

I believe, it just takes one to awaken the #human in self :

Be there for fellow men / Share your gifts of life with those that are not born lucky / Support a few in their struggle to earn a decent living / Be an example to the younger generation & be the pillar of support to the elder generation.

At the end of the day : You came empthy handed & you are guaranteed to leave empty handed !! We are just visitors with an opportunity to make a difference !!

Your views??

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