McDonald’s Bites on BIG DATA with $300 Million Acquisition

McDonald’s Bites on BIG DATA with $300 Million Acquisition

Takeaway :

Serving 68 million customers “EveryDay”/ a $300 million acquisition/ In 2018 alone McD tallied nearly $6 billion of net income, and ended the year with a free cash flow of $4.2 billion/ The Technology is expected to be implemented in 1,000 locations within the next three months, eventually rolling out to the company’s 14,000 US restaurants and beyond.

Excerpts : “What we hadn’t done is begun to connect the technology together, and get the various pieces talking to each other,” says Easterbrook, in an exclusive interview with WIRED. “How do you transition from mass marketing to mass personalization? To do that, you’ve really got to unlock the data within that ecosystem in a way that’s useful to a customer.”


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