BLOG Post : Mirror Excellence [even if you aren’t as Passionate]

BLOG Post : Mirror Excellence [even if you aren’t as Passionate]

When was the last time you got distracted while watching your favorite movie…this; for a duration of 2 hr+ !! Please put a number to it !!

How many, at the end of their formal education, tend to find an employment in the industry/role of choice !! Please put a number to it !!

Very few times” would the popular response to both the questions above.

Nevertheless, one quality that all of us, in uniformity would like to demonstrate, stand for, is : #Excellence !! excellence in whatever we do and be seen as a reliable/dependable person; in Professional/Personal life alike.

Many studies still say that a person’s BEST comes when they are working in the industry/area/role wherein their interests/skillset/passion lay in.

When you are not that lucky or yet to turn lucky, how would one like to be; in the Interim?

During a recent interaction with a Young associate (just into the 1st year of career), a thought struck : How about “Emulating the behavior of a professional for whom this would have been his/her favorite job/role

Call it “Fake it till you make it” or whatever, to me, this was a very good way to 1) be at peace with what you currently have(and not feel miserable: a Negative situation) 2) In demonstrating excellence, keep the fire/passion intact for the day when you eventually move into the role of choice 3) last but not least : Be seen as a Best Bet/Mr or Ms Dependable 4) manifest the best journey you can pave for yourself.

My suggestion for the young associate was: ” Do what a person who is Passionate about this role would do !! Think by being in those shoes; and repeat it again and again “

As i too tend to multitask (some i like and some i don’t as much) : Analyst/ Minutes Maker/ Followup star/ Presentation Savior, i realized this message applied to me equally as well…Ooops !!

Fact : While a few, in single digit percentage are lucky to find their Passion & Profession of choice, a good many(easy 50%+) spend a large portion of their lives in search of one !! Some take the search till deathbed too…for all those, this mantra is bliss !!

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